Our Retail store boasts over 250 traditionally-made charcuterie product lines. The distinctive range of Wheat-free (Warning: food is cooked using equipment that also processes wheat products) pâtés, terrines, rillettes, gourmet sausages and a variety of cured meats hams, roast beef and varieties of French saucissons are just a few to mention. The traditionally prepared take home casseroles, soups and salads are available daily, the popular Beef Burgundy, Cassoulet and Soupe à l’oignon are some of the many choices available. Of course we can’t forget the overloaded Frômage (cheese) fridge with so many varieties of cows, goats, sheep and blues.
An amazing array of French and local products definitely crosses off your your pantry list necessities, from oils, vinegars, delicate salts and flavoured mustards to sweet biscuits, madeleines, nougats, jams and spreads, fresh free range eggs and local mueslis and porridges. The cake fridge is exactly like the French patisserie boutiques in France filled with creamed cakes, eclairs, layers of butter pastry slices and tarts. How can we not forget our artisan French and local Wines, whites, reds and Champagnes to Brittany French Ciders. This reliable one stop shop offers all your French and local foodie supplies from an entrée, main meal to cheese and desserts.